How to Download and Use You TV Player on iOS Devices

You TV Player for Windows PC

You TV Player for iOS: You TV Player is hailed as one of the best and popular movie and video playing applications of this era. The main reason the application has garnered so much fame during the last couple of years is apart from video streaming, YouTV Player also supports Chromecast. So you can watch plenty of TV channels of different genres by the application. Moreover, it also respects your privacy and you can keep your downloaded contents password protected.  The smart and intuitive interface of the application also works as a social networking platform where you can chat with other users of the world. But the biggest constraint of this application is, it is specifically designed for the Android users. So in this tutorial, we will discuss on how to download You TV Player for iOS.

You TV Player for iOS
You TV Player for iOS

You TV Player for iOS: Is it Even Possible?

YouTV Player is not available for iOS. Even there are no tricks or alternative method to download You TV Player for iOS. So in this article, we have made a list of best You TV Player alternatives for iOS powered devices. We have included those video and movie downloading applications which serve almost the same purpose as this amazing app and also easily available on iPhone or iPad.

You TV Player for iOS 11

Apple’s reputation in terms of mobile software has remained unparalleled since the beginning, and the iOS 11 has been the most awaited revelation of this year. The company recently unveiled a slew of new iPhones, including the iPhone 8 and the far hunkier iPhone X running the new platform, the latter of which marks the tenth anniversary of the smartphone. However, the many radical changes that have been brought into iOS 11 have introduced some causes of concern for fans. The most predominant one among these is the fact that Apple is putting to rest a bunch of apps from getting iOS 11 support. So what about You TV Player for iOS 11? Is there a chance we might get it?

The You TV Player App can easily be ranked as one of the best among the video streamers and players that are available on the market. At the same time, as we have detailed in the rest of this post, it is an Android only venture, which although can be run with success on certain platforms like Windows, cannot be accomplished with the same level of triumph on iOS devices. In that light, it is safe to say that You TV Player for iOS 11 is not possible, at least yet.

However, it is too soon to say if the developers of the app will see an opportunity of a lifetime with the launch of the iOS 11 and come up with an iOS-compatible version of You TV Player. We have no news on that front yet, so the best we can ask our readers to do is to take a look at You TV Player alternatives for iOS 11 or any other iOS platform, which will let you take advantage of some of the core features of the streaming app on your iPhone or iPad.

Best YouTV Player Alternatives for iOS

AVPlayer/AVPlayerHD: AVPlayer and AVPlayerHD are two distinct video players for iOS which allows the users to control the playback speed, scrubbing and transfer contents to the app via USB or Wi-Fi. The video player also allows the users to protect the downloaded contents with the password just like You TV Player does for Android and Windows devices.

VLC for iOS: VLC for iOS is the smartphone version of the VLC media player which we have been using on the PC for years. The video player comes with plenty of features and charges nothing to download. You can even sync your files with Google Drive and Dropbox to keep them safe.

Infuse 3: Infuse is one of the best video players for iOS and the third iteration even supports the DTS and DTS-HD audio files. Infuse 3 flaunts a great design, may be the best-looking video playing application currently available for iOS and comes absolutely free of cost. It is a great substitute of YouTV Player for iOS.

nPlayer: The USP of this video player is it supports all types of video files and all the Dolby audio codecs. This alternative of You TV Player for iOS does not come free of cost, but it is worth it considering the features the video player offers to its users.

CineXPlayer and CineXPlayer HD: CineXPlayer and CineXPlayer HD are two video players for iOS which supports 3D videos of all types. Just like the You TV Player, this alternative of YouTV Player for iOS also includes Live TV channel support, which is a great feature for a video player.

PlayerXtreme Media Player: PlayerXtreme Media Player is an essential application to have installed on your iPhone or iPad and the video player does not charge any money to download. This alternative of the YouTV Player supports UPnP and DLNA connectivity and allows folder tagging as well as colouring, which helps you to organise your contents properly.

Wrap Up

We hope that you will now be happily using these amazing You TV Player alternatives on your iOS devices, and your search for You TV Player for iOS will end right here right now. However, you may read our other articles on You TV Player Apk and more.

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